October 29th, 2013:

Romulus votes to Stop the Merger.  743 votes to 397.

Thank you everyone for preserving a great school. 

Today is a great day.  This commissioner’s election was a solid representational vote of the entire Romulus community.  The process was respectful, and thorough.  Dozens of people helped mobilize our community.  This vote reflects our community’s renewed commitment to Romulus Central School as an independent school. 

The issues of reducing taxes while improving the academic opportunity for our kids is an ongoing challenge.  We look forward to working with all our neighbors to help improve every aspect of Romulus Central School as we embrace a promising future. 

-W.  Casey McDonald, President , Keep RCS.




OCTOBER 28, 2013




In the early hours of this morning, the potential merger of two school districts in rural Seneca County has raised emotions to the point of vandalism.  Numerous "Stop the merger" signs have been defaced along East Lake Road last night.  These incidents have been reported to the Seneca County Police. 

Press statement from the organization:

"We understand that the merger vote in the RCS district is emotional but this is no way to treat someone's personal property.  We all have a right to express ourselves politically without encountering violence", say Casey McDonald, President of Keep RCS.  "It is unfortunate that a few people have to make this a disrespectful process.  We are neighbors first and foremost and should behave neighborly.  We encourage people to express their opinion on the merger issue through voting and not through vandalism."

Keep RCS opposes the merger of RCS with SSCS.  The vote takes place tomorrow from noon to 8pm at Romulus Central School for all people that reside in the district who are 18 or over, whether registered to vote or not.

Any information the public has concerning this vandalism should be reported to the Seneca County Sheriff's office at 315-539-9241.

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For information please contact our team:

W. Casey McDonald, President (315)521-9528 keeprcs@gmail.com

David Mapstone, Vice President and member of the Advisory Committee during the Merger Studies (315)945-5639 

Tom Karlsen, Treasurer and Ride Coordinator  (315)730-6118

Linda Mastellar, Absentee Ballot Coordinator

          Election Captains:

Joan Teichner, East Lake Road

Damon Nicholson, Hamlet of Fayette

Melonie Collinsworth, Hamlet of Romulus

Jim McDonald, Rt. 89 and Sinage Captain


Welcome to Keep RCS!

Please join us at our next organizational meeting at

6:30 pm, on October 24th at the Romulus Fire Hall.

Press Release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 17th, 2013

Romulus, NY

Local opposition to RCS/SSCS merger gains momentum. 

“Keep RCS”, a grass roots effort to educate the community on the negative outcomes of the RCS/SSCS merger, launched their public campaign today at the Romulus Fire Hall.

“Small town schools need to be defended and Romulus Central School is one of the best,” said W. Casey McDonald, president of Keep RCS.  “We are top rated in the Finger Lakes by US News and World Reports for very good reason.  Romulus is a great school.  It is the anchor of our community and should not be discarded over vague promises of lower taxes and student opportunity.”

The group began a door to door campaign last weekend and has just mounted an ad and sign campaign.  “I served on the Advisory Committee during the merger discussions and I’m concerned about the amount of misinformation which exists in our communities,” Keep RCS member David Mapstone said.  School finances are very important because as we all know that finances dictate programming. The Mini Merger Study clearly addresses the issue of fiscal solvency and financial health for all three district scenarios and the bottom line is that RCS is solvent for at least 11 years; an R/SS Merged District is solvent for only 8 years; and SSCS is solvent for 6 years.”     

The organization is encouraging people to vote “NO” on October 29th and stop the merger.  Polls are open from noon to 8pm and the vote will be held at the North entrance of RCS.  “Anyone in the district who has lived here more than 30 days and is 18 or over can vote,” McDonald said.  “You don’t have to be registered, just be a resident of the Romulus School District.”

The recent straw vote resulted in Romulus voters approving the final vote by a margin of 268 to 242.  “Many folks didn’t think the merger vote would be approved so they stayed home,” said Tom Karlsen, treasurer of the organization. “When we travel door to door, we see 95% of the people are against the merger.  We are working hard to see that people make it out to the polls and vote this merger down.”  Tom is offering to give anyone a ride to the polls on October 29th.  He can be reached at (315)730-6118.   The public is invited to join their next organizational meeting  at 6:30pm on October 24th at the Romulus Fire Hall.  Visit www.keeprcs.org for more information.